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Rent A Local was launched from founder Anđela Prnjak’s experience as a veteran film producer and go-to fixer for all matters Croatian. As a movie producer, she worked on numerous high-budget sets in Croatia, keeping film schedules under control in often unexpected circumstances. Along the way, more than a few crazy tasks came across her desk. As in - ‘go get us a helicopter’ crazy - and it had better have been the right colour, too! 

After years of in the production industry, Anđela acquired a certain expertise in making the impossible easy. Her friends also began coming to her for help with their own problems: finding actors for a project, renting the perfect holiday villa, planning a sailboat trip to the best beaches, and so many other requests. 

Anđela began thinking: why not offer a similar service to foreigners coming to Croatia? Things are confusing enough for locals, let alone to a newcomer. So, in 2020 Rent A Local was born. 

Rent A Local is a team of experts from various fields, all with extensive experience serving foreigners. It is a Croatian company created specifically with the needs of foreigners in mind - both tourists and permanent residents. Whether it is a sunny apartment, an honest mechanic, or just a friend to grab a beer with, Rent A Local has you covered.

Enjoy the best parts of Croatia. Let us handle the stressful ones!