• Toni Šimundža


Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Out of all the places in the world, why pick Croatia? There are many answers to that question. Let us begin with the obvious – Croatia is beautiful. There is the never-ending crystal blue coastline of the Adriatic, of course, but other parts of the country should not be neglected either, such as the untouched mountains of Lika, the rich vineyards of Zagorje, or the endless fields and rivers of Slavonija. Our people are also known for their friendliness, sense of humour, and hospitality, so if you find the right ones (and - don't worry - this site will help you with that), you've found a friend for life. And let’s not forget the food: from Italian-style dishes and wine on the coast to spicy sausage and peppers in Slavonia, all mixed in with a dash of oriental influence from centuries of being at the intersection of East and West. Oh, and did you know that Croatian people love to party and spend hours at dinner singing and feasting? Well, now you do. And with the help of our site, you will experience all that Croatia has to offer.

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