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Digital Nomad visa will be released on the first quarter of 2021, and we are ready! 

We can help you out on your first steps in Croatia. 
Contact us to get more information about our Digital Nomads Introduction Packs. Start your adventure with the right foot and just worry about packing your bags and anything else. 
We got you. 


We know that the seemingly never-ending paperwork can be discouraging, and problematic for foreigners. Let us help you with it! We will guide you through all the work needed for your visas, residence and work permits etc.

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In Croatia, you will almost always experience great hospitality, but great deals are harder to come by. Get off TripAdvisor and give us a call. Whether you are a family of eight looking for a budget week at the beach or a solo cyclist aiming to explore Croatia’s undiscovered vineyards, knowing what’s good and how to get there is a challenge. We ensure that your trip of a lifetime is time well spent.


Left your passport in Dubrovnik and you’re flying out tomorrow? Our driver will zip up the coast to bring it to your doorstep. Need someone to carry your son’s new bedframe up five narrow flights of stairs? We can handle that, too. Few things are more stressful than dealing with the unexpected in a foreign country, but whatever it is, our handy team of local fixers are here to save the day. 

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It’s clear to see why many people have fallen in love with Croatia and chose to plan their most special events in this
country. That being said, we can guide you to the most unique locations; from the hidden gems to the breathtakingly iconic areas of Croatia. Do you need a specific location for a wedding, filming,
photoshoot or any other activity? Are you feeling lost and don’t know which location to pick? The team at Rent a Local have a wealth of experience and familiarity to ensure every location enables your event to run smoothly with every intricate detail taken care of.


So you want to host your event in Croatia. You’ve got great taste! Whether it’s a wedding, film shoot, conference, performance, race, or the party of the century, our deeply experienced and connected team can support you in location-scouting, permitting, rentals, staffing, marketing, audio-visual, and more.

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Our firm offers a variety of transportation solutions to meet the needs of private tourists and corporate clients. Rent one of our shuttles to safely explore Croatia’s famous vineyards with friends. Enjoy the country’s unforgettable coastline from the passenger seat of a vintage convertible. Or just know that you can get from the most tranquil corner of the Elaphites to your 5AM flight with no stress.


Do you have important documents or letters that you need to translate? Or perhaps you need help understanding usage instructions for an appliance or prescription? Our licensed local interpreters are on call to help with projects big and small.

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Maybe you just need a little insider info on Croatia. Who are the best DJs in Zagreb? Where can you get homemade prosciutto in Istria? How should you seek medical care, if it’s not an emergency? Give us a ring and we’ll get you sorted.


Got any other problems? Just state your problem, and we can work it out!

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Spending time in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, or Montenegro? We can offer most of these services in those countries, too.


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